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Respiratory Therapist Careers

Opportunities in the medical field are growing faster than most other occupations and one of the fastest growing is the Respiratory Therapist professional due to the increasing number of baby boomers reaching retirement age.

This sudden influx of aging seniors has created a demand for Respiratory Therapists so much so that the US Government has predicted a growth rate of over 20% until at least 2018 which makes this an ideal career for anyone looking to get into the medical field.

Respiratory Therapist – Job Security and High Salary

Because of the specialized nature of the job a certified Respiratory Therapist can expect to be able to make an above average salary. As an example, in 2008 the median salary for a Respiratory Therapist was $52,200 which is pretty good compared to other occupations.

As a practicing therapist you will enjoy working in a fact-paced environment where your work has a real impact on people’s lives as you help them with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders.

With endless opportunities for advancement coupled with great pay and a high degree of job satisfaction becoming a certified Respiratory Therapist can be a career choice that you will enjoy throughout your working years.

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